Best Saltwater Fishing Knife 2020 – Review & Buying Guide

As you start your fishing expedition, a fishing knife is the one tool that you must always carry. Not only can it be used for filleting the fish but you can also use it for cutting the line or when preparing a steak. If you are fishing in salty waters you need to ensure that the knife is made of stainless steel so that it does not rust easily. Let’s take a look at some of the best saltwater fishing knives available online in 2020.

Quick Overview - Best Saltwater Fishing Knife 2020

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Buying Guide

Quality of the Blade

The most important aspect of a knife is its blade as it will determine whether the knife is sharp enough to cut clean pieces. You might also use your saltwater knife to cut the line when you are out there fishing, so it is important to have a sharp blade that cuts through everything smoothly. The blade should not only be sharp but also corrosion resistant so that it does not get rusted when it comes in contact with freshwater or salt water. Most knives used for saltwater fishing are made with stainless steel as it does not corrode easily. So, make sure that you check the material of the blade before investing in a saltwater knife.

The flexibility of the blade is another crucial factor as you are deciding which saltwater knife to purchase. The knife should be flexible so that you can easily cut through the organs and bones. Depending upon the size of the fish you can go for a long or a short blade. Long and thin blades are more flexible than the short ones.

Handle Grip

The handle of your saltwater knife should be easy to grip as you are slicing your fish. Also, when you are out there fishing you might hold the handle with wet hand and if it accidentally slips out of your hand it might cause an injury. So, choose a grip that is made of non-slip material such as rubber or wood. Sometimes plastic handles are also sturdy and might provide an excellent grip.


When purchasing the knife, it is important to consider if it is sharp and handy. A sharp blade ensures that you get a cleaner cut every time. But with prolonged usage the knife tends to become dull and difficult to use. So, when you are looking out for a knife you should check if it is accompanied by a sharpener as you can sharpen it as soon as the edges get dull. This will prolong its usage and ensure that the blade remains in its natural condition.


Cost is another crucial factor when selecting the knife that best suits your needs. Saltwater provides a harsh environment to the knife and it can easily become dull and rusted. Though there are many inexpensive knives available online, you shouldn’t mind spending a few bucks extra to get one that is made of high-grade stainless steel so that it is easy to maintain.

The Best Saltwater Fishing Knives – Our Top Picks

Man on Tsukiji Fish Market Cutting Fish with one of the best salwater fishing knife

The Best Lightweight and Durable Saltwater Fishing Knife

Best Lightweight and Durable Saltwater Fishing Knife



  • Lightweight and durable nylon sheath
  • Slip resistant handle that provides a solid grip
  • Flexible stainless curved blades
  • You may feel the need to sharpen the knife after extensive use

The G4116 German Stainless-steel blades are razor sharp and come with a beautiful blue Teflon finish that makes them look adorable. If you are looking for a knife that is resistant to saltwater corrosion and maintains its sharpness over a long time then this knife is a great choice. You can easily fillet a fish and even steak it in a quicker and more efficient manner.

The Calamus Fishing Fillet Knife is available in different shapes and sizes so you can choose the one that fits your needs. It is available in a stiff 5” bait knife, a 7” & 9” traditional/flexible fillet knife, and a tough 9” steaking/boning knife. So, you will now have the perfect knife for every job.

The best part about this knife is that it comes with non-slip golf style rubber handle that ensures that it does not slip from your hand as you are busy filleting your favorite catch. Not only does this fish knife and bait knife provide a solid grip but it also feels amazing in your hand. The manufacturers have ensured that you have a comfortable experience with this knife and your hand doesn’t get tired so they have made it 40% lighter as compared to many other popular brands out there.

 There is also a lightweight and sturdy nylon sheath so that the blade is protected and does not cause an accidental injury. The sheath has vents to ensure that air circulation is maintained as it also allows the water to be removed. This further helps in making the knife resistant to corrosion.

The Calamus Fishing Fillet Knife is great for both freshwater and saltwater as it has German G4116 Stainless-steel blades that are not affected by water or blood. This knife is versatile and you can carry it along as you gear up for hunting and fishing. Moreover, when you are at home you can use it as a chef knife or kitchen knife. If you are looking for a durable and light saltwater knife then do not miss out on this one!

Features and Specs

  • Shipping Weight: 8.2 ounces 
  • Golf-style rubber handle
  • German G4116 Stainless-Steel
  • Blades with Teflon Coating
  • Protective Nylon Sheath

The Best Sharp Saltwater Fishing Knife

Best Sharp Saltwater Fishing Knife



  • Safe to use
  • Versatile kitchen tool
  • Flexible and has great precision
  • Prone to rusting with constant use

Wild Fish 6 Piece Fish Fillet Set is a great addition to your kitchen. These knives are very flexible to provide great precision as you fillet your favorite fish. You can choose a knife that can be taken on your fishing expedition. Once you get back home, you can use this set for a variety of things such as cleaning and filleting fish, trimming meat, and preparing veggies and fruits.

This Wild Fish knife set includes a 7-1/2-Iinch fillet knife, 6-inch fillet knife, and a 5-inch two-sided serrated utility knife. Each of these knives is constructed with durable 420 stainless steel blades that make them great for saltwater fishing. Moreover, they have a patented sure-grip soft rubber handle that helps in maintaining a solid grip.

Are you worried about the knife getting dull with prolonged use? You need not worry as there is never a dull moment with these knives. The set is accompanied with a matching deluxe sharpening steel that enables you to restore the sharpness of your knives as they wear out with constant use.

Each knife, the sharpening steel and a durable cutting board are packed in an 8-3/4-inch x 14-3/4-inch x 1-5/8-inch impact-resistant carrying case so that you can use and store it easily. When you’re ready to fish, you can just grab the box and get going.

 This Wild Fish knife set is a great product for the anglers or cooks in your life. It is the best gift for a friend or family member as it is organized beautifully and is a great asset for your kitchen.

Features and Specs

  • Shipping Weight: 2.8 pounds 
  • 420 stainless steel blades
  • Patented sure-grip soft rubber handle

The Best Flexible and Curved Saltwater Fishing Knife

Best Curved Saltwater Fishing Knife



  • Made of soft and flexible stainless-steel material
  • great ability to withstand heat
  • Textured handle for more traction
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Plastic Blade Protector Included
  • May rust and wear off with constant use

Kershaw Curved Fillet Knife is a high-performance with 420J2 stainless seal that offers excellent corrosion resistance, toughness, strength and flexibility. It comes with a durable glass-filled nylon handle that has a textured overmold. Moreover, the handle also has an exclusive K-Texture grip for a strong hold even in slippery conditions.

This knife also has a blade protector so that you can store it safely when you are outdoors as well as at home. The length of the curved blade gives a full range of motion as you are cutting or filleting your fish. If you like a clean cut and want to make your fileting experience easier then this is the best knife to go for. Kershaw Curved Fillet Knife is excellent for breaking down medium to large fresh and salt-water fish. Also, with its reasonable price and good quality this knife provides the best value for money.

Features and Specs

  • Product Dimensions: 5.1 x 2.4 x 1.1 inches; 3.52 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 7.2 ounces
  • Fixed 9-in 420J2 Stainless Steel Blade
  • Non-Slip Glass-Filled Nylon Handle With K-Texture Grip
  • 5 OZ for Heavy Duty Hard Use

The Best Salwater Fishing Knife for Clean Cuts

Best Saltwater Fishing Knife for Clean Cuts



  • Razor-sharp and extremely thin blade for cleaner cuts
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Teflon non-stick coating
  • The knife may become dull with prolonged usage

As an angler you might have spent a lot of time and effort in cutting your trophy fish with a dull and rusty knife? If you answered a yes, then the Rapala Fish ‘N Fillet Superflex Knife is a great choice because it is sharp and flexible and ensures that cutting your favorite catch is a breeze.

Rapala’s Fish ‘n Fillet Superflex Knife is extremely durable and comes with an extra-thin blade that will help you make clean cuts while filleting and that too with minimal effort. Moreover, the super thin knife provides a great deal of flexibility and greater control.

The knife comes with Teflon non-stick coating so that the fillets can fall off from the blade effortlessly. Razor-sharp, hand-ground stainless-steel blade makes the knife durable and adds to the precision. If you are looking for the best knife that provides clean cuts then Rapala’s Fish ‘n Fillet Superflex Knife is the perfect choice.

Features and Specs

  • Product Dimensions: 14.2 x 1.8 x 5.8 inches; 8 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 8 ounces
  • Polished brass ferrule
  • Baked birch handle
  • Includes tooled leather sheath with structured scabbard
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you use your knife frequently then it is recommended to sharpen it once in a while. A sharp knife cuts through anything more effectively. On the other hand, a dull blade needs you to put more pressure that in turn increases the chances of the knife slipping from your hand with greater force. So, a dull knife may be more damaging as compared to a sharp knife.

Many companies such as Gerber and Rapala, can sharpen your knife and ensure that the factory edge is back on it. The cost of sharpening would differ from one company to another and you need to pay shipping charges as well.

Saltwater is very corrosive and tends to destroy all types of steel. Many saltwater knives available out there are made up of high-quality stainless steel but they are also not 100% resistant to rust.  Moreover, if a stainless-steel knife is not maintained properly it might become prone to rusting. So, proper maintenance is crucial. Clean your knife and once it is dry it you should apply oil on it so that it does not rust.

In case your knife comes in contact with anything that you are not sure about, it is good to wash it with tap water and then put oil on it.

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For your convenience we have listed all the important qualities that need to be kept in mind while selecting the best saltwater fishing knife. Check out product reviews before making up your mind and also ensure that you maintain the knife as per the recommendations provided by the manufacturers and you will be good to go.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best saltwater fishing knife and gear up to scale, clean and enjoy your hard-earned catch!