Best Telescopic Fishing Rod 2020 – Review & Buying Guide

Planning on going fishing soon? Searching for the best telescopic fishing rod 2020 to invest in? Then this guide is for you.

Quick Overview - Best Telescopic Fishing Rods 2020

Buying Guide

Why opt for a telescopic fishing rod?

Anyone who has ever gone fishing knows how hefty it can be to fix the rod for fishing from fitting the hook to reeling the fishing lines and having to do that every time you go fishing. Also, traveling with the rods is a whole ordeal as well. Conventional one piece fishing rods provide a longer, and extravagant design that can be difficult to pack and travel with that does not allow for its easy portability.

It can not be stuffed in your backpack and traveled with. To avoid all this, telescopic fishing rods are used with their travel-friendly design that is not only travel-friendly but also really cute and safe. Telescopic fishing rods tend to retract to almost 4 times its original size. This also helps if you need to carry a lot, e.g. an inflatable kayak. Additionally, the unique floating guides allow you to save time by not rigging the fishing lines every time you go fishing.

Following is a detailed buyer's guide made for all the fishing lovers out there that may be having a hard time choosing which rod to opt for.


The rod is arguably the most fundamental part of your fishing toolset and hence, a good rod will lead to a good fishing experience. There are 2 things to consider, one is the material, and the second is the length of the rod.


Firstly, most rods are made up of either carbon fiber and fiberglass or graphite. The difference between them is that graphite tends to form a rather sturdy and stiff rod that doesn’t allow for a lot of bendability but is quite powerful.

On the other hand, carbon fiber and fiberglass are both a rather durable design as it allows for more flexibility and reduces the chances of breaking or snapping the rod into 2. At this point, it is up to your preference or your expertise as to what material you would like or what could suit your requirement more.


Secondly, there is the length of the rod. Rods come in all shapes and sizes, so you have a wide variety that you can choose from. The length of the rod is directly proportional to how far do you want your fishing lure to go. So, the longer the rod, the longer you will be able to throw the lure.

So, if you'll be fishing from a shore, a longer rod length would be a better option, but if you are fishing from a boat on a lake, you won't need a longer rod. Instead, a smaller length rod would be ideal. If you're fishing for the first time, then choosing the one with shorter rod length would be for you. Most companies make rod lengths ranging from 6 to 12 feet long.


Also known as the butt of the rod. The selection of a handle is entirely up to personal preference. There are longer handles and shorter handles. Longer handles require you to use both hands so that you can throw the bait over a larger difference.

Shorter handles require the use of one hand only and hence, are more suitable for precise but short distance throws. There are a few other options, such as split handles and Pistol grip handles. Split handles require the use of both hands but at specific and divided positions along the handle end of the rod with more blank exposed between each grip.

The purpose of this is the weight distribution of the rod and higher sensitivity and accuracy. The pistol grip handles, as the name implies, also allows a secure grip with one hand. There are also a few other handle designs with finger grooves and such for an easy and firmer grip on the rod.


Reels are usually fixed in a rod, but its position varies. Generally, there are 2 locations of a reel, either the top end of the rod or the bottom end. The one at the top end is referred to as the baitcasting reel.

Professionals usually use this reel as it requires the pressure of constant yet specific thumb pressure on the reel for the fishing line to flow smoothly. The other one is called a spinning reel. This type of reel is perfect for beginners or casual anglers as it doesn't require any particular expertise and there are pretty affordable options, too!


Guides are referred to as the small rings present on the rod that guide the fishing line from the spool to the upper end of the fishing rod. The thing to look for in guides is the material they are made up of and how durable they are.

Materials commonly used for guides are either metals, plastic, or ceramics. Each has its pros and cons, but metal rings take the cake with the highest durability of all.

Unbalanced or missing rings will hinder the flow of the fishing line and affect the accuracy and reeling of the fishing line. So, durable material is very crucial when looking for a good fishing rod.

Type of Fish

Choosing the perfect rod will also depend upon what type of fish you want to try and catch and what water body you will be going for, to catch fish. For instance, shorter rods will suit better for smaller lakes and ponds, but longer rods will be for precise fishing. It is advised to know your interest and area where you wish to start your fishing experience.

Power and Action of the Rod

Power means the force needed to bend the fishing rod down under the weight of the fish. There are various types of rods based on their power.

Action is the position on the blank of the rod where the bend will occur under the weight of the fish.. Slow action rods will have the bend closer to the lower end of the rod while the Fast action rod will bend close to the higher end of the rod. Both of these factors will depend upon what type of fish you're going to hunt, hence why kind of fish should be decided beforehand.


It is advised to keep a budget in mind when shopping for a fishing rod for the first time. If you're just introduced to the sport and you are intrigued, then it is advised to invest in a medium-priced rod. So, if you're not feeling it, later on, you can just bench it without much guilt. But if you're kind of already into the sport and are trying to build your expertise, then investing in a durable and a rather expensive rod would be better.

The Best Telescopic Fishing Rods – Our Top Picks

A fishing rod is an anglers best friend. Let’s take a look at the top 5 best telescopic fishing rods that we have chosen for you from amongst hundreds present in the market.

Man fishing with best telescopic fishing rod

The Best All Around Telescopic Fishing Rod

Best All Around Telescopic Fishing Rod



  • A free spool
  • 6-month warranty
  • Durable
  • EVA grip
  • Line and reel attachment takes time

Made up of high-density carbon fiber and fiberglass, these 6-piece telescopic rods are durable and sensitive, which can lift up to 10 pounds of weight. The construction of the rod provides both flexibility and sensitivity, which is a must in a good fishing rod.

The stainless steel hooded reel provides anti-corrosion protection when fishing in saltwater. Troutboy Telescopic Fishing rod comes in 7 different sizes so you can pick your perfect one depending on where you’re fishing and what type of fish you are fishing for.

Also, it has shielded stainless steel ball bearings in the reel that allow for a smooth fishing line extension. It comes with a strong aluminum anodized spool that has a light-weighted construction but is as efficient and durable as any other spool. It also has string grip EVA handles that minimize slippage, and obviously, it is travel friendly due to retractable design.

The Best Value Telescopic Fishing Rod

Best Value Telescopic Fishing Rod



  • Durable 24T Carbon Fiber construction
  • EVA foam handle
  • Ceramic guides
  • 30 days Warranty
  • Doesn’t include clear instructions

The Magreel Telescopic Rod is the shortest and cheapest telescopic fishing rod in this list. It also comes with EVA handles for firmer grip and minimizes slippage. It also has a portable size that can easily be stuffed in a backpack. The product claims to be suitable for freshwater fishes such as trout and even saltwater.

It does have a ceramic guide instead of glass guides, which is mostly used in telescopic fishing rods. It also is sustainable, reliable, and has good strength due to its durable 24T Carbon Fiber construction. At such a low price, this is a good option, especially if you’re a beginner and don’t want to invest in something heavy-duty, but are looking for a cheap telescopic fishing rod.

The Most Durable Telescopic Fishing Rod

Most Durable Telescopic Fishing Rod



  • Long-lasting design
  • Durable material
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Comes with fishing lures
  • Not made for saltwater fishing

This product is made up of a dense mixture of fiberglass and carbon fiber that makes the rod durable and robust but still has that bendable nature. It also has attached a floating guide made out of SIC ceramics that lessen the friction and allow smooth reeling of the fishing line.

It also comes with an ambidextrous EVA handle that allows for a firm grip from either hand. One of the unique features of this particular product is that it has corrosion impervious ball bearings in the reels that extend its life.

The other unique feature is an aluminum spool, which is strong yet lightweight that provides flexibility but is also strong enough to not snap while fishing. Also, it has a portable design that is small enough that can easily be kept in a carry-on backpack or a small suitcase.

The Best Combo Telescopic Fishing Rod for Beginners

Best Combo Telescopic Fishing Rod for Beginners



  • Stainless steel fishing rod
  • Waterproof and dustproof ball bearings
  • Perfect for seawater with anti-seawater corrosion feature
  • Geared towards beginners and less for professional fishing

This is a whole set that comes with a telescopic fishing rod, a fishing reel, a carrier bag, a fishing line, and a few fishing lures. The rod is of a typical material, which is carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass, which makes it durable and bendable.

Also, it has lightweight floating guides to support and guide the fishing lines, and not only that, but also dissipates the heat and allows for minimum friction between the fishing lines and individual floating guides. The floating guides also have fun and colorful rings, which are made up of piano porcelain, hence, the heat dissipation feature.

What’s unique is its fishing reel. The fishing reel has a waterproof and dustproof ball bearing, which elongates the life of the rod. Also, due to telescopic design, it is easy to travel with and can easily be packed in a travel bag or backpack.

The Best Saltwater Telescopic Fishing Rod

Best Saltwater Telescopic Fishing Rod



  • Reasonable price
  • Aluminum oxide coated guides
  • Reel lock may be less durable than others

This one is particularly good for saltwater fishing due to its anti-corrosion technology and hooded reels. The rod is made up of your typical dense material, which is carbon fiber and fiberglass and has a good amount of flexibility along with strength.

It also comes with an EVA handle for a secure and firm grip while reeling. When retracted, it extends to the length of about 17 inches, and when fully extended, it reaches the length of about 1.8 meters, which is pretty standard for a fishing rod. It also comes in 2 colors, silver and golden.

Happy Fishing!

Hopefully, now when you go shopping for your fishing rod, you’ll have a better idea of what you want, and you will be better prepared. If you are looking for a reel to go with the best telescopic fishing rod, check out the best ultralight spinning reels or microspinning reels. And if you travel a lot, you can also check out special traveling fishing rods, which might fit this purpose even a tad better than some of the rods covered here (though you won’t go wrong with them either).