Best Thermal Underwear for Extreme Cold 2020 – Review

Are you an outdoor enthusiast of ice fishing, and the severe cold weather is limiting you? You need not worry. This article explains the best thermal underwear that will keep you warm in 2020, and make you enjoy your ice fishing even in extreme cold.

Quick Overview - Best Thermal Underwear for Extreme Cold 2020

Criteria for Evaluation

There are various factors that you should consider when looking for the right thermal underwear. Among them are:


The fabric used in making thermal underwear is key in that it determines the comfortability and the softness. When buying, choose one that has a base-layer that will keep you warm.


When choosing thermal underwear, you don’t primarily look at its nice appearance, or even how cheap or expensive it is. You need to get something that will not limit your movement making you uncomfortable. Look for something that will keep you warm, has a soft fabric, and is not too tight or too loose.

Cost & Value

When buying thermal underwear, get one that is pocket-friendly and whose price is relative to the quality of what you want. Not everything expensive is good and vice versa.


Having durable thermal underwear will save you the hustle of buying others over a short period. Additionally, you limit your impact on the environment. To ensure the durability of your underwear, choose one with the best fabric.

The Best Thermal Underwear for Extreme Cold – Our Top Picks

two people lying in a tent wearing the best thermal underwear for extreme cold warming their feet at a fire in the snow

The Best Men's Thermal Underwear for Extreme Cold

Best Men's Thermal Underwear for Extreme Cold



  • Breathable and warm
  • Durable
  • Friendly to machine wash
  • They can shrink when dried

If you are looking for underwear for severe weather, then this is the best you should get. It has a base-layer made of wool to give you the warmest feel.

The reason why this outfit is the best is mainly due to its wool base-layer, which makes it warm. Unlike others, that combine many fabrics, it has only wool; therefore, it does not cause itchiness. The shoulder panels optimize comfort by reducing chafing. Additionally, it has a UPF 50+ layer that protects you from harmful Ultra Violet rays.

From the many customer reviews, it is clear that most people love this underwear. For instance, Lunch Totin’ Teacher, a customer, says that Smarwool is his best brand. It is lovely to either wear it alone or underneath other outfits.

Buying it is worthwhile since it will keep you not only warm as you do your ice fishing, but also keep you comfortable.

The Best Value Thermal Underwear for Extreme Cold

Best Value Thermal Underwear for Extreme Cold



  • It has a fitting front fly
  • Washing machine friendly
  • Comfortable, flexible waistband
  • Outstanding Price / Value
  • Rather loose-fitting near the crotch

Looking for cheap thermal underwear, that is still protecting you even against extreme cold? Check out the Duofold option!

These are useful in that they can keep you comfortable, warm, and can manage moisture very nicely. They combine two fabrics that polyester and cotton. One of the reasons you should buy this underwear is because they have a close-to-body fitting, which creates a barricade that provides you with maximum warmth and has high-quality. It has an anti-bacterial material that keeps off smells.

Most Amazon customers in their reviews say that these underwear are the best you can acquire in different sizes at any price. Therefore, the money you spend is worth it.

The Best Women's Thermal Underwear for Extreme Cold

Best Women's Thermal Underwear



  • Thick and soft
  • Featuring double layer, thus increasing the warmth
  • Very breathable
  • At times the sizes run small, and you would want to order a bigger size

This is multi-purpose underwear for women. It can be worn by people going outdoors in cold temperatures, or as pajamas. It is made of cotton and elastane materials, which makes it comfortable and soft on your skin. It is easily washable and doesn’t shrink.

Once you buy it, you are sure of comfortability and warmth. There are many reviews from our customers expressing their satisfaction. Taking an example, one of the customers Natalie Hall, says in her review that the underwear is well made and extremely warm.

The Best Value Women's Thermal Underwear for Extreme Cold

Best Value Women's Thermal Underwear for Extreme Cold



  • It has an elastic waistband
  • It absorbs moisture
  • It has a double layer to keep you warm
  • Sizing differs sometimes; therefore, you would need to order a larger size

Looking for the thermal underwear that will fit you? One that is large in size to fit you well?

They combine cotton and polyester. It has an elastic waistband, and fit well without bulkiness. You can either use them for outdoor activities or as pajamas. The main reason why you should buy them is that they last for long.

Many customer reviews express their love and satisfaction with this particular thermal underwear.

Man wearing thermal underwear walking in snow up a hill

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It will keep you warm even with the extremely low temperatures hence preventing you from having health complications associated with cold.

They should have a thicker base layer, but not necessarily be thick overall. The thicker the base layer though, the warmer it will be.

It should not be too loose, rather it should be snug-fitting.

First, make sure your hands and feet stay cozy by getting decent ice fishing gloves, boots and socks! Also, consider getting a quality jacket and trousers or even better bibs for ice fishing. Finally, an ice fishing shelter will protect you nicely from the elements.


In conclusion, even with extremely low temperatures, you can get to enjoy your ice fishing or outdoors adventures. All you need is to choose the best thermal underwear that will keep you warm.