Getting that Fishy Smell out of your House – 5 Simple Methods

I love fish. I have to admit, I’ve smelled like it before because of my deep fryer mishaps, but that doesn’t mean I want the smell in my house! Here is a list of tips and tricks for getting rid of that pesky fishy odor from your home once and for all.

samlon fillets on a board, but G

5 Simple Methods for How to Get Fish Smell out of House

With the right preparation, some cleaning and proper disposal of the fish bones, ideally you won’t have to worry about fish smell lingering. In case you do, scroll right towards the end of this list though!

1. Take Care of Enough Ventilation

Use an air freshener or open doors and windows for fresh air when cooking that delicious feast! (Bonus: this will keep your house from smelling like whatever else you are cooking!)

Turn on the fans BEFORE you cook, DURING cooking, and AFTER cooking to keep all of your surfaces and linens from smelling like fish.

Use a charcoal filter or activated carbon for your home’s air-conditioning system if it has one. They will help keep that smelly fishy smell out of the house!

2. Clean the Kitchen well

Remove all traces of oily residue with soap, water, dishwashing liquid, or grease-cutting cleaner. If it is not too greasy simply wipe or rinse off as much oil as possible before washing. Remember to remove any solids first by scooping them up.

If it is too greasy or oily, you will need to use a degreaser but these can be really bad for the environment so make sure not to spill any on yourself! (or your carpet)

Soak your cutting board, plates, and utensils in cold water before washing them to remove any lingering odor.

3. Get Rid of any Trash or Leftovers quickly

If you have an outdoor trash can, put your smelly food scraps into that instead of inside the house so they don’t get on anything else.

Get rid of fish bones and other fishy smelling substances by placing them in a sealed bag and putting it outside the same day you cook it!

4. Make Use of Easily Available Household Remedies

Baking Soda: Use some baking soda to absorb the smell after cooking up that fish and seafood dish – sprinkle lightly over hot stove top or let sit overnight in warm oven.

Vegetables: Place a variety of vegetables in the pot, such as onion and garlic. These will work to absorb any lingering fishy smells from your kitchen.

Salts: Cover the bottom of a skillet with salt or another scent-masking substance and place it on the stovetop over medium heat for about 20 minutes. Allow time for them to cool, then pour them into a bowl and place it in the area of your kitchen with really bad smells.

Vanilla Extract: In addition to smelling great, vanilla extract will also help mask any lingering odors. Just add two tablespoons to boiling water before you start cooking fish again!

5. Still Fighting Smell despite these Preparations and Actions?

That must have been a particularly smelly fish! Don’t despair though, as this will get rid of even the worst smells:

My favorite method is to put a bowl of white vinegar on the stove and boil it. You can also use an open jar with apple cider vinegar next to the fishy food, or you could even use lemon peels in the same way as mentioned above for fruit flies.

a fish fillet on a plate with mayo


I am sure you managed to get rid of fish smell in your house with these tips! In order to freshen up your house after getting rid of that pesky smell, try boiling cinnamon sticks with water on the stove for 20 minutes before simmering it until you get an aromatic scent throughout your home! I also like to light some candles and make a pot of mint tea when my sweet tooth kicks in.

Let us know in the comments, which of these 5 simple methods worked best for you!