About Us

Bruno on a Fly Fishing Trip

With this blog, we want to help you achieve two things:

  1. Help you catch many fish and enjoy it
  2. Do so sustainably

Fishing has been a way for people to sustain themselves since the beginning of humanity. Sadly, nowadays we are running the danger of irreparibly damaging our environment and destroying this possibility for our children and grandchildren (also dogs). For this reason, we want to spread awareness of the importance of quality and durability of equipment as well as tricks & techniques for protecting our environment from harmful impacts.

Who we are:

Jonas has worked as a deckhand on a charter fishing boat in the past, although now he is working in a comparatively boring office job. The time on the charter boat did not curb his enthusiasm for fishing completely and he likes to go out catching trout, walleye, salmon or really anything whenever time allows.

Virginia has studied environmental science and technology and is very passionate about saving the environment. At the same time, she enjoys spending as much of her time outdoors as possible. Through Jonas, she discovered her passion for fishing and wants to pursue it while minimizing their ecological footprint.

Bruno is our loyal companion on all our trips, whether fishing related or not. Unfortunately he is a very lazy writer, so don’t expect to see many articles from him. Other than that, he is a very good boy though 🙂

Email us if you want to get in touch! We would love to hear from you!