Best Time to Catch Trout: All about Seasons & Time of Day

Trout fishing is a popular sport of choice for people across the world. This is because of the species’ rich history and nutritious, high-quality meat that can provide a satisfying meal.

While there are many factors to consider when deciding whether or not to fish, understanding which time of day you should be catching your next one can be a huge help. The following article explains how each season and time of day affects trout fishing. 

Golden trout on the background of the water surface.

What time of day is best? 

The best time of day to catch your next one depends on what kind of trout you are after. Early morning and evening hours before sunset are the best time of day to catch trout under normal circumstances. Trout typically feed during this time of day, so if you’re lucky enough to be catching them around this time, you’ll have a higher chance of landing a fish. The reason is a cooler water temperature than during the day, which makes trout more active going for that bait.

Of course, there are always exceptions to any rule. If you are fishing in a deep lake, the trout may be more active during the middle of the day, when the water temperature is more consistent at all depths. If you are fishing in a river, the trout may be more active during the afternoon, when the insects are most active.

Similarly, during winter or a very hot summer day, the best time to catch trout will move more towards the middle of the day or the night respectively.

What season is best to fish for trout? 

Trout fishing seasons vary depending on where you live and what type of trout you are targeting. Generally though, spring and autumn are considered prime times for trout fishing. The water temperature is higher in these months than in winter, but not as high as in summer and the weather is perfect for catching your next trophy fish. 

During spring, the water temperature starts to rise and the trout start to become more active. They are also feeding heavily to prepare for spawning. This makes them hungry and easier to catch.

In fall, the water temperature starts to cool down again and the fish become more active. They are also feeding heavily to stock up on fat for the winter.

when is the best time to catch trout to get a full plate of them like this

The difference between rivers and streams  

Trout are best caught in rivers during the spring, summer, and fall. There is abundant oxygen in the water during these seasons and the water temperature is usually warm enough for the fish to be active. However, trout can also be found in smaller streams during these seasons, so you have to determine which one you’d like to fish. 

Even though trout can be found in streams in all four seasons, it’s best to avoid fishing during winter as there is less oxygen, colder water temperatures and a lack of food sources. Youmight opt for ice fishing on a lake instead in that season though.

Fish in shallow water during winter  

One of the most popular times for fishing is actually in the winter. If you prefer to avoid ice fishing, During this time, you can find trout in shallow water at dawn and dusk. This is because it’s when these fish are most active. They are most likely to be found on top of reefs, around weedbeds, and near the shoreline. There’s also a greater chance that they’ll be found in less turbid or clear water because they’re not as active during other seasons and daylight hours.  

Therefore, if you want your next meal on the line winter, look for them close to the shoreline or near weedbeds where they can hide from predators and prey on smaller fish while they rest.