Best Rain Jacket for Fishing – Review

main testing out one of the best rain jacket for fishing, holding fishing rod

What activity is more refreshing than a moment out in the middle of tranquil scenery surrounded by water? Nowadays more than ever, fishing has propelled itself at the top of everyone’s to-do list, with the ongoing pandemic and all limiting socialization. One of its advantages is that it can be done anytime, even under rainy …

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Best Castable Fish Finder – Review & Buying Guide

one of the best castable fish finders available

Fishing from boats, kayaks, drifts, paddleboats, and all those water machines is becoming popular. Also, the tech industry is keeping pace by upgrading tablet and smartphone versions to make angling possible in all aspects. From taking cool shots of the new buddies you catch to synching to your marine electronics. Even with the rapid growth …

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Best Fishing Kayak under 600 – Review & Buying Guide

Man with brown hair fly fishing in a lake in one of the best fishing kayak under 600

Fishing is fun, sportive, and relaxing. Trying it from a kayak can take your game to the next level. Besides adding adventure, it increases novelty. If you are a novice at kayak fishing, there’s a lot more you need to know before investing in one. The primary problem that scares aspiring kayak fishermen/women is how …

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Best Fish Grilling Basket 2021 – Review & Guide

Anchovies on one of the best fish grilling baskets on charcoal

For some anglers, having the right fishing gear is not enough when they plan to eat their catch. Thus, knowing the perfect cooking tools is just as important. There is a multitude of cooking apparatuses known to mankind, and one of the must-haves is a grilling basket if you are into preparing fishes. Now, you …

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Best Fishing Paddle Boards 2021 – Review & Buying Guide

Man stepping off one of the best fishing paddle boards while fishing in scenic tropical destination

Recently, I, along with many other anglers, have found myself engaged with paddle boarding as a new addition to the sport of fishing. This is because paddle boards offer fascinating benefits that kayaks or canoes cannot seem to accommodate. That said, there are specific requirements for a paddle board to be a good fit with …

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Best Face Shield for Fishing 2021 – Review

man wearing one of the best best face shield for fishing

When exposed to particular elemental challenges, fishing can sometimes become long, tedious and tiresome. However, with equipment like the best face shield for fishing, it can turn a lot more fun and enjoyable. Quick Overview – Best Face Shield for Fishing 2021 Best All Around Face Shield for Fishing: SA Fishing Face Shield Best Face …

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Best Fly Tying Books 2021 – The Classics and New Reviewed

In the best fly tying books you will learn how to tie a fly like this

Would you love to learn how to tie killer patterns for trout, bass, pike, salmon or any other species? Besides watching educational and practical videos, you could get some punchy information from the best fly tying books online. Most of us spend bucks on flies because of the convenience of ready-made options. Anyways, flies don’t …

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Best Fishing Rod Rack 2021 – Review & Guide

Fishing rods on holder in garage showcasing one of the best fishing rod racks

Fishing is a hobby that can be enjoyed in various types of bodies of water. You can practically hunt for different species of fishes in a multitude of areas. It is only logical that the pole you use when you go fishing in the ocean is not the same as what you cast while you …

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Top 10 Best Fly Fishing Brands

PASADEDNA: Orvis retail store exterior and logo. Orvis is a retail and mail-order business sporting goods and undoubtedly one of the best fly fishing brands in the world

Have you been trying to sample fly fishing brands to identify the best and check out their angling products? We know how it feels to comb the internet and not find exhaustive posts on the same. Breathe a sigh of relief as this is the beginning of the solution to your problem. So many companies …

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