Best Time to Catch Perch – All about Seasons & Time of Day

Apart from Salmon and trout, cod and haddock, Perch is another popular catch among anglers. To date, there are various perch species but the white and yellow are mostly fished in the USA. As a freshwater species, perch has become popular among the panfish. Most people love it because of its flavor and taste.

Knowing the best time to catch perch will set you apart from the other perch fishermen. And if your timing is perfect, you can hook jumbos that measure 10 inches and above. However, one between 7 and 9 inches will still be of a good size.

What is the Best Time to Catch Perch?

There is more to landing perch than the perfect combo. Of course, you will need a rod that can strike a six to eight-pound test. Perch are tiny species and don’t need a sophisticated tackle. Just like most species, perch will be most active as they feed. So, target their feeding times if you want to get the best bag limit.

But what is the best feeding time for perch? The best feeding time for perch in a day’s 24 hours will depend on the season you decide to hunt for them. In general, the best time of day to fish for perch is early in the morning and late in the afternoon.

Best Time of Day to Fish for Perch

There is no doubt that almost all the coarse fish prefer to feed at dawn and dusk. You will catch them in schools on sunny and bright days. This isn’t an exception with this type of panfish. Any pro perch angler will advise you to gather your tackle and gear and head out at these times.

If you aren’t keen and step out at mid-morning or early afternoon, you will fish throughout and land everything else except perch.


Early enough is a great time to catch perch if you are combing natural waters. At this time, the light level is low and you can easily stalk your prey. Whether you are doing this for dinner or lunch, the same applies to commercial fisheries.


Find something else to do during the early afternoon. You could visit the golf fields or try adventuring in the woods. Most often perch will swim out of their hideouts just when you are packing your gear very late in the afternoon. At this time, the sun is sinking slowly and there isn’t so much light.


Let’s be honest: You can hook yellow perch easily in the night. However, getting the moon phase right will increase the chances of landing a good one. Yellow perch’s vision is greatly reduced so that they can hunt at sunset and sunrise. However, they will struggle with seeing when it is pitch dark.

Best Time to Catch Perch by Season

Perch are proving to be playful and extremely active all year round. This aspect makes them a perfect target for fishermen/women. The good thing is that they will not run out of season. Only that the time of the day you are stepping out during that season will be a primary determinant of whether or not you will catch them.


Perch have been spotted to pop up more in the spring. Popping up here doesn’t mean being on the sub-surface all the time. It means coming out in large numbers. At this time, their production rates are very high. Female perch head to covered areas to lay their eggs. You can spot them in underwater plants and seaweeds. Purpose to be by the waters in the early evenings and mornings and you won’t regret.


When water begins to get warmer, perch swim deeper between 20 and 25 feet. They head to the ledges, deep holes, and drop-offs with rock or muddy bottoms. You will have to fish from a boat or a kayak. This will be the best time to have a fish finder to locate schools of perch.

In the early summer days, early mornings and early evenings will be a good time to target perch. As the season advances, concentrate on carrying your perch tackle in the late afternoons and evenings only.


Mid towards late autumn has very few anglers targeting perch. Despite it not being the perfect season to hunt the smaller-size perch. However, jumbos will be in plenty at this time. Step out in the early mornings, late afternoons, and evenings for a good time.


Winter is one of the seasons when perch are hungry and extremely hyper. However, because of the difference in water temperatures, they prefer to get submerged into very deep sections. If you are an avid winter angler and would love to target perch this time, head out when there is very low light. The late afternoons, evenings, and early nights will be your surest bet.

Best Time to Catch Perch – Conclusion

Perch are quite small and one of the most prized catches for many fishermen/women. They can be fished in schools which makes them popular. If you are looking to test your wits, target them. They are agile and will be satisfying to catch them.

As a common factor among most fish without exempting perch, most early mornings and late evenings are the best times to test your lures.