Best Time to Catch Salmon – All about Seasons & Time of Day

Salmon is obviously one of the most popular fish species there are. Its taste is incredibly soft on the palate, and its meat has a wild reputation for having a melt-in-the-mouth taste.

Salmon is a ray-finned fish famous just about everywhere. For amateur and professional anglers, salmon are good fishing targets since they can be caught literally from boat fishing or simply from the shore.

What is the Best Time to Catch Salmon?

In general, the best time of day to fish for salmon is from early evening all through the night to early morning. As for the best season, I personally love autumn, however there are none that are particularly bad.

Best Time of the Day to Fish for Salmon

There are techniques for catching salmon, from trolling (which involves a boat) to float fishing in stationary water. Regardless of the method, you need to familiarize yourself with other stuff, like the best time to catch them.

Getting quality salmon catch takes time and preparation. You should be acquainted with the suitable method for baiting them. Also, it certainly doesn’t hurt to know the right time of day to go salmon fishing.


Ideally, very early morning works best for catching a fair quantity of salmon. At this time, they are still very much active from the night before (considering the water was undisturbed).


Just like any other fish, salmon prefer to go into deeper territory once the water temperature is higher from mid-day to afternoon. It isn’t advisable to fish at this time for this reason if you are looking for an optimal yield.


Early evening is ideal for salmon fishing, and this is what most fishing tours recommend to their customers. The water temperature is perfect and comfortable for the salmon to settle down in.

Best Time to Catch Salmon by Season

Given that you already know the best timing to go salmon fishing, you also need to determine what months will give you the best yield. Of course, you can go for it any time of the year, but knowing the best time can assure you of a quality catch.

Not all four seasons are good for catching salmon. So if you ever wish to have a productive and memorable fishing experience, then make sure you go where and when the fish bite.


When winter ice melts, water temperature begins warming up. There is a replacement of melted ice with the bottom source, which rises. Salmon prefer shallow areas where the water temperature goes up faster.


The warm layer of water caused by the heat makes the salmon swim to warmer water temperatures for more stable and higher oxygen levels. You should look for the thermocline, the spot where the warm and cold water meet.


Surface water changes with the four seasons and the temperature, making autumn an ideal season for salmon catching. Coast salmon move inland, which put them within reach.


Salmon can be suitable for ice fishing. They tend to cling to the ice in areas with extreme temperatures. However difficult it could get, you might want to use live bait for better lures to your hungry fish.

Best Time to Catch Salmon – Conclusion

All seasoned anglers should know that specific times of day and times of year affect how much fish you catch, including how good they are. So the peak moments for salmon fishing guarantee you the best salmon catch of your life.