What are Fish Hatcheries? Main Hatchery Types, Pros & Cons

Aerial view of fishing hatchery at chiloe island, chile. But what are fish hatcheries?

Fish hatcheries are facilities that produce brood stock, eggs, larvae and finally fish for stocking into lakes, rivers and oceans. They exist in different shapes and sizes, but they all have the same goal: to help replenish dwindling stocks of fish.   There are two main types of hatcheries: public (owned by a government agency) or private (usually …

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What is bycatch? – The Unfortunate Side of Fishing

What is bycatch? - Small boat near offshore fishing net and traps

What is bycatch? The term refers to marine animals or sea birds that are not the intended catch. The fishing industry will use fishing methods associated with bycatch including longlines, gillnets and purse seine nets. Various marine species such as sea turtles, dolphins, sharks, seabirds and even whales can all be considered bycatch. This article …

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What is Drag Net Fishing and is it Legal?

What is Drag Net Fishing? A red net on a fishing boat.

I am on the shores of one of New Zealand’s popular waters and the population looks promising. Despite the elbowing because of hundreds of anglers who have come to sport fish, everyone seems to be having so much fun. ‘’What is Drag Net Fishing?’’ I overhear a middle-aged guy holding one of the latest combos …

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Can You Eat Tarpon and How Does It Taste?

Tarpon fish jumping and swimming off the coast of Florida in the Atlantic Ocean. But can you eat tarpon and how does it taste?

As anglers, we can all agree that catching a tarpon is indeed an exhilarating challenge. This “saltwater catfish” is very common in South Florida and one of the most prized and appreciated game fish, because of its enormous size and forceful antics when hooked. However, that agreement ends when the topic of eating it starts. …

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Alternative Fishing Lures Saving the Seas with Products Made from Ocean Plastic Waste

Alternative Fishing Lures

Recycling Ocean Plastic Waste to Produce Worlds’ First Upcycled Fishing Lures Alternative, a new rising fishing lures manufacturer, introduced their products in anticipation of launching in Spring 2021. The company has developed and designed fishing lures made from ocean plastic waste. It became a “company with a cause” as the flood of plastic waste into …

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Can You Eat Bowfin and How Does It Taste?

Close up of a bowfin. Can you eat bowfin?

Like many things, fish are categorized as either quality or trashy. Unfortunately for bowfins, they belong in the latter. But should that really be the case? The good quality fishes, known as game fish, are often the kind eaten and targeted commercially since they have come to appeal better to consumers and anglers. Meanwhile, trash …

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