Do Fish Like Music? How it Affects their Behavior and Health

do fish like music? a drawing of a yellow fish in the water listening to music

Many people who have pets will tell you that music is a great way to calm their animal down. This may be true for some animals, but what about fish? Fish are not often thought of as being very intelligent animals. However, they do respond to sound in different ways. In this blog post we …

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Longline Fishing: What It Is and the Problems With It

longline fishing lines on a boat in a container

Longline fishing is a type of commercial fishing. It involves catching fish by setting long lines with baited hooks in the water at a distance of 6 to 12 miles from shore, or the exclusive economic zone. There are many problems associated with this type of fishery; they include overfishing and bycatch, as well as damage to …

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What are Fish Hatcheries? Main Hatchery Types, Pros & Cons

Aerial view of fishing hatchery at chiloe island, chile. But what are fish hatcheries?

Fish hatcheries are facilities that produce brood stock, eggs, larvae and finally fish for stocking into lakes, rivers and oceans. They exist in different shapes and sizes, but they all have the same goal: to help replenish dwindling stocks of fish. There are two main types of hatcheries: public (owned by a government agency) or private (usually …

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Can you Eat Perch, Is It Safe to Eat and How Do They Taste?

can you eat perch? Dried fish on a white background

Perch are a type of fish that can be found in lakes, rivers and streams all over North America. They can also be found in many other places around the world. These beautiful fish have long been a staple for those who enjoy fishing as well as those who enjoy eating seafood. One thing that …

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What is bycatch? – The Unfortunate Side of Fishing

What is bycatch? - Small boat near offshore fishing net and traps

What is bycatch? The term refers to marine animals or sea birds that are not the intended catch. The fishing industry will use fishing methods associated with bycatch including longlines, gillnets and purse seine nets. Various marine species such as sea turtles, dolphins, sharks, seabirds and even whales can all be considered bycatch. This article …

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Lead vs Tungsten Weights – Which is Better for Fishing?

Fishing weights on the white - what is the difference between lead vs tungsten weights?

‘’There isn’t any way on earth I’d pay more than a buck for one piece of a sinker. No way!’’ This is one of the lines we picked from a heated online conversation on Lead vs. Tungsten weights. I wasn’t shocked as it is an argument I hear often. Forget the parliamentary debates you watch …

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Humane Fish Hooks – Fishing without Hurting the Fish?

Humane Fish Hooks Isolated On White Background

Humane fish hooks are a vital piece of gear. This article will not address fishing hooks 101, but the importance of using those that greatly minimize the chances of hurting fish. A hook wound could seem minor to the fisher but it can badly damage the eye, gills, and internal organs. This can end up …

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What is Drag Net Fishing and is it Legal?

What is Drag Net Fishing? A red net on a fishing boat.

I am on the shores of one of New Zealand’s popular waters and the population looks promising. Despite the elbowing because of hundreds of anglers who have come to sport fish, everyone seems to be having so much fun. ‘’What is Drag Net Fishing?’’ I overhear a middle-aged guy holding one of the latest combos …

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Can You Eat Tarpon and How Does It Taste?

Tarpon fish jumping and swimming off the coast of Florida in the Atlantic Ocean. But can you eat tarpon and how does it taste?

As anglers, we can all agree that catching a tarpon is indeed an exhilarating challenge. This “saltwater catfish” is very common in South Florida and one of the most prized and appreciated game fish, because of its enormous size and forceful antics when hooked. However, that agreement ends when the topic of eating it starts. …

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What is Snagging Fish – Why it is Illegal Info for 50 States

Fishing hook used for snagging fish close up

There will be days when fishing gets extremely tough, so much so that you can swear to do anything just to make it happen. But how far can you go that is still acceptable? I believe we can agree to the reality that fishing is not always an easy hobby, especially when fishes seem allergic …

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