Best Time To Catch Catfish: What’s The Best Season & Time Of Day?

The best time to catch catfish is just before they spawn. This is when the fish are most active and have the largest chance of getting caught. The spawning season lasts from spring until fall, and it can last anywhere from a few days to a month.

Autumn seems to be the hottest time with the highest number of fish spawning at night. Though, you can find more at dawn, during midday, and in the evening. So if you want to catch your next meal, here’s what time is best for your food source: 

a huge catfish swimming in green water

When is the best time to catch catfish? 

In the same vein as other fish such as trout, the best time to catch catfish is during dawn and early morning as well as during evening and dusk.

The reason for this is, that the fish are more active when the water is colder, thus they are less active during the day. During the night they are also not particulary active. It is when they are active in colder water, that they primarily go for bait and your chance to catch them is at its highest.

What’s the best season to catch catfish? 

The best season to catch catfish is generally during spring and fall. This is because catfish are most active when the water temperature is between 65 to 75 degrees F. During these seasons, the water temperature is more likely to be within this range, making catfish easier to be caught.

That being said, catfish can be caught year-round. In winter they are less active, but can still be caught in deeper waters. In summer, while they are more active, they can also be more difficult to catch because they tend to be dispersed throughout the water.

when is the best time to catch catfish to get a full basket like this?

Do any other factors matter? 

Yes! Catfish are most active just before they spawn, but once the spawn is over, they become much more lethargic and you’ll need to change your tactics. So if you want to be successful at catching them during spawning season, you’ll need to use a combination of bait and lures like nightcrawlers in order to catch them when they’re feeding. 

Additionally, try fishing in different depths of water with different baits such as nightcrawlers and worms. Some catfish prefer shallower waters than others and will respond well to one type of bait while another deep-sea catfish might not care for it. 


Many people are interested in catching catfish and would like to know the best time to do so. 

The best time to catch catfish is when the fish spawn. Catfish spawn from March through October, but the peak spawning time is in the spring. Catfish are very active in the spring, so be sure that you are fishing during this time as not only will you be able to catch more fish, but you will also be able to catch a larger variety of fish.