Can You Eat Blobfish and How Does It Taste?

Recently. one of the most talked about dishes that you can eat is blobfish. The blobfish looks like it has been drawn by Dr Seuss. It’s true that the blobfish is one of the ugliest looking creatures in existence, but it tastes really good! So can you eat blobfish and what does this ugly creature taste like? 

Contrary to what others might say, blobfish is edible and can taste extremely well, if prepared correctly. Let’s have a look at it in more detail and talk about some possible recipes.


Can you eat blobfish? An illustration of blobfish

What is a blobfish? 

Blobfish is a bottom feeding fish that lives off the coasts of Australia and Tasmania. They are often found at depths of 100-1,000 meters and can grow up to 17 inches long. This fish has a way of attracting people because they look like a blob of goo with eyes on top.

The blobfish is not fished commercially and thus quite rare to get your hands on. In fact, most fish that end up on the markets do so as an unintended side effect of fishing, called bycatch. Since there is not really any demand for it, you might be able to buy it for cheap, if you do come across it.

Can you eat blobfish? 

You certainly can eat blobfish, if you have the stomach for it and can get over its appearance. As not many people have tried it yet, you should be eating small portions. To my knowledge, it has not been evaluated for eating officially yet. But people who did try it, have not reported negative effects, aside from its acidic skin, which you should cut away.

The gelatinous texture might not appear particularly appetizing, but if you sear or cook it well, this should not be too big of a deterrent for the adventurous eater! All in all, we have not found a convincing reason for why you can not eat blobfish, especially considering it is not endangered and thus a very sustainable choice for your next seafood dish!

A yellow blobfish hovering in the water

What does it taste like?  

The taste of blobfish is a mystery to many. You can’t tell what it tastes like by its appearance. Its consistency is somewhat gelatinous, which might discourage many further from trying it. However, the taste of blobfish is reminiscent of buttery lobster after searing it. Others say, it tastes like cod or haddock with a light tomato sauce.

This isn’t your typical fish dish; but one you should try! It might be ugly looking, but it tastes really good and is fairly healthy for you! 

Is It Safe to Eat Blobfish? 

For most people, the blobfish has a strange appearance, but tastes delicious. As it turns out, the blobfish eats mainly shrimp, clams, and crabs found at the bottom of the ocean floor. Eating these organisms are loaded with various nutrients which have been found to be beneficial for human health. 

Although it may seem unusual to eat this fish because of its appearance, there are no reports of danger when consuming them. Its skin is acidic though, so please do cook it well and refrain from eating it raw! 

How to cook a blobfish 

People think that cooking a blobfish is difficult, but it’s not. If you can cook cod or haddock with a light tomato sauce, then you can cook this ugly creature. 

If you want to blowtorch your blobfish, then start by cutting a nice fillet and coating the fish in flour. Then, dredge the fish in an egg mixture and finally coat it with bread crumbs or panko crumbs before blowtorching it until it turns golden brown. 

Another way to cook a blobfish is to bake it for 15-20 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit until the flesh turns a creamy white color. The meat will flake apart easily when cooked this way. 

The final option is poaching your blobfish. You’ll need to make a fish stock with fresh water and vegetables, like carrots and onions. Let the stock simmer for about 15 minutes before adding your fish fillets and cooking them for about 15 minutes until they are cooked through. 

A spiky blobfish


The blobfish is the ugliest fish in the sea, but it is delicious! It can be prepared and eaten like almost any other fish. We have heard that pickled blobfish is a popular dish in New Zealand, but could not confirm it yet. Have you tried blobfish? Let us know!

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