How Fishing Affects Coral Reefs and What We Can Do About it

several clown fish swimming and wondering how fishing affects coral reefs :)

Balance and sustainability are essential for quality existence. Nature’s ecosystems are at risk today because of the unchecked use and abuse of its natural resources. Fishing has been a source of livelihood and sustenance for centuries. However, today, the drawbacks of commercial fishing have become a significant threat to marine life, especially coral reefs.   …

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The Future of Fishing – Teach Children to Fish the Right Way

The future of fishing: young girl learning how to fish

The future of our fine sport of fishing, and probably the entire outdoors as we know it, may well rest with two actions: How well our generation cares for and replenishes the waters, wildlife and fish The values we instill in our children towards the wonders and enjoyment nature has to offer, and the necessity …

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