Alternative Fishing Lures Saving the Seas with Products Made from Ocean Plastic Waste

Alternative Fishing Lures

Recycling Ocean Plastic Waste to Produce Worlds’ First Upcycled Fishing Lures Alternative, a new rising fishing lures manufacturer, introduced their products in anticipation of launching in Spring 2021. The company has developed and designed fishing lures made from ocean plastic waste. It became a “company with a cause” as the flood of plastic waste into …

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Can You Eat Bowfin and How Does It Taste?

Close up of a bowfin. Can you eat bowfin?

Like many things, fish are categorized as either quality or trashy. Unfortunately for bowfins, like tripletail they belong in the latter. But should that really be the case? The good quality fishes, known as game fish, are often the kind eaten and targeted commercially since they have come to appeal better to consumers and anglers. …

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How Fishing Affects Coral Reefs and What We Can Do About it

several clown fish swimming and wondering how fishing affects coral reefs :)

Balance and sustainability are essential for quality existence. Nature’s ecosystems are at risk today because of the unchecked use and abuse of its natural resources. Fishing has been a source of livelihood and sustenance for centuries. However, today, the drawbacks of commercial fishing have become a significant threat to marine life, especially coral reefs.   …

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The Future of Fishing – Teach Children to Fish the Right Way

The future of fishing: young girl learning how to fish

The future of our fine sport of fishing, and probably the entire outdoors as we know it, may well rest with two actions: How well our generation cares for and replenishes the waters, wildlife and fish The values we instill in our children towards the wonders and enjoyment nature has to offer, and the necessity …

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Can Fishing Worms and Fish Waste be Used in Composting?

Can fishing worms be used for composting? Sign saying "compost happens" hanging on a fence in the winter

What would you think if I told you that fishing worms and fish waste could be used in composting? It sounds like a good idea, but can they actually be used to make healthy soil for plants? In this article we’ll explore the question of whether or not fishing worms and fish wastes can be …

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Sustainable Fishing Methods – What Can You Start Doing Now?

School of Fish swimming

A common question on this topic is “why does all of this matter?” and it is a fair question. Sometimes it is hard for us to see how things change until it is too late, and the phrase “there are plenty of fish in the sea” is unfortunately becoming less true over time due to …

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Ice Fishing at Night: 21 Tips to Catch Walleye, Crappie & Trout

Person wearing best headlamp for fishing at night preparing to Ice Fish

Are you looking forward to catching some fish after a long day’s work? Ice fishing at night is a great way to spend your winter evenings as it is both rewarding and relaxing. If you are well prepared, ice fishing under the stars is a great opportunity to catch several species of large fish that …

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