What Flavor are Swedish Fish?

Swedish Fish are a somewhat crunchy, tangy candy that tastes delicious. In fact, they’re so good that they have been a staple in American households for decades. However, one question remains: What flavor are Swedish Fish?

Swedish Fish have a fruity flavor, but it can be hard to pinpoint what flavor exactly. If you want to figure out the mystery of Swedish Fish’s taste and want to know how they compare to other popular candy flavors, then keep on reading!

An opened can containing swedish fish. But what flavor are swedish fish?

Swedish Fish Origins

Swedish Fish were first introduced as a product in the late 1940s by Sweden-based company, Malaco. The candy was made to resemble fish, a staple Swedish food that has been consumed for hundreds of years. It became widely popular and eventually went international.

The idea behind the candy was to create something that would be popular among American children and adults alike. At the same time, it has both its roots in the Swedish Fishing industry and a “stamp” that says “Swedish” is on each and every one of them actually. Nowadays it is produced by Mondelez, they are available worldwide and loved by millions!

Swedish Fish Facts

Swedish Fish are a fruity, chewy candy that are also sometimes considered to be salty. They are one of the most popular types of fish-flavored candy in the world. Mondelez made a Swedish Fish Oreo, though it was not particularly popular, which is why you might not have come across it yet!

Its ingredients are:

  • Sugar
  • Invert Sugar
  • Corn Syrup
  • Modified Corn Starch
  • Citric Acid
  • Natural and Artificial Flavors
  • White Mineral Oil
  • Carnauba Wax
  • Dye (depending on the color)

Winneconne, WI - 11 January 2019: A bag of Swedish Fish candy on an isolated background.

What Flavor are Swedish Fish?

Swedish Fish have a fruity flavor, but it can be hard to pinpoint what flavor exactly. If you want to figure out the mystery of Swedish Fish’s taste and want to know how they compare to other popular candy flavors, then keep on reading!

If you love your candy tangy and crunchy, then you’ll love Swedish Fish. Not only do these little fishies have a unique taste, they also come in a rainbow of colors and shapes. These colors and fruity ingredients give them a sweet taste with an added tangy aftertaste from the sour coating. They are:

  • Black – Salmaik
  • Red – Lingonberry
  • Green – Pineapple
  • Purple – Grape
  • Orange – You guessed it… Orange
  • Yellow -Lemon

The most notable ones are black and red. Black, because first they are the OGs from Sweden, having a licorice and salty flavor. They are very popular in Northern Europe, but failed to attract interest in the US. Thus, they are not sold there normally.

Second, the red version is the most common one in the US. It is said to taste like lingonberry, which is a a friut growing in Sweden and other Northern countries. The best other flavor to compare it to is probably cherry, though again it is somewhat different.

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How Does Swedish Fish Compare to Other Popular Candy Flavors?

If you have ever tried Swedish Fish, then you know it is a different type of candy. The flavor of Swedish Fish is hard to place since they are fruit-flavored, but they don’t really taste like any one specific fruit.

Comparing Swedish Fish with other popular candy flavors can help you get a better idea of what the flavor of Swedish Fish tastes like. If you are looking for a more sweet and tangy fruit flavor, then maybe try Sour Patch Kids or Warheads. On the other hand, if you want something more sour with less fruity flavor, then maybe try Skittles or Haribo Fizzy Cola Bottles.

Swedish Fish are in between sour and sweet, but they can’t really be compared very well to any one specific candy because their flavor falls somewhere in between.

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Is Swedish Fish Vegan?

Swedish Fish are vegan-friendly. While there are some varieties of Swedish Fish that may contain beeswax, they do not contain animal gelatine. The company has in fact confirmed that all of their Swedish Fish flavors are vegan-friendly.

swedish fish candy in different colors


Swedish Fish are chewy, fruity candies that come in different colors. Their flavor is similar to that of Japanese grapefruit gummies, but sweeter and tangier.

Swedish Fish’s color ranges from red to green to black and the candies are vegan-friendly. So if you want to eat some fish candies for a change, go for the Swedish Fish! If you prefer real fish, better go for pike or flounder instead. Or how about blobfish for something more adventurous?!