Best Fly Reel under $200 – Review and Buying Guide

Close up of one of the best fly reel under $200, rod and fly line, in the late evening sun

Does quality have to be costly? Not necessarily! While more modern and advanced features come at an extra cost, a highly efficient and good quality reel doesn’t have to make you break the bank. There are options to purchase fly fishing reel and rod combos that come at subsidized prices. However, sometimes you might get …

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Red Lake Ice Fishing – The Ultimate Guide

catching of a perch on red lake ice fishing in the middle of the winter

When the temperatures drop in the Bread and Butter State and the majority want to coil on their couches all wrapped in layers of wool and sipping away hot sugarless coffee binging on the latest Netflix series, a fervent ice fisherman/woman is planning on their next adventure spot. If you are one, Red Lake Ice …

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Salmon vs Trout – What are the Differences?

fresh trout and fillet over white background - salmon vs trout

Of all the fish out there, salmon and trout are among the most popular in the world. However, some people confuse salmon for trout and vice versa. While they share a few common aspects like their diet and characteristics, some differences between salmon and trout exist. Both species feed on Krill that makes them have …

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Fly Fishing in Redding – The Ultimate Guide

A woman sitting on a mountain overlooking a lake where there is great fly fishing in redding

The creeks, streams and rivers in Redding attract thousands of anglers from all walks of life annually. It isn’t because the catches here are all trophy sizes but these water buddies bite throughout the year. Gaining a mention on the Forbes Magazine for being part of the 10 topmost trout angling towns in the Northern …

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Best Fish Grilling Basket 2021 – Review & Guide

Anchovies on one of the best fish grilling baskets on charcoal

For some anglers, having the right fishing gear is not enough when they plan to eat their catch. Thus, knowing the perfect cooking tools is just as important. There is a multitude of cooking apparatuses known to mankind, and one of the must-haves is a grilling basket if you are into preparing fishes. Now, you …

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Mooching Reel vs Fly Reel – What are the Differences?

Mooching Reel vs Fly Reel - What are the differences. Fly reels on a wooden surface

Mooching reels have their roots in the Western Canadian and Northern California coastlines. Fly fishing on the other hand has its origin in England dating back to the 13th century. Fly fishing has gained popularity since then and now cuts across all ages and genders. Mooching isn’t as prevalent but those that indulge in it …

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Fly Fishing for Crappie – Guide, Tips & Tricks

A fisherman fly fishing for crappie in the evening sun on the Blackwater of Dee, Galloway, Scotland

Are you finding it hard to hook crappie on your fly fishing combo? Could it be incorrect timing, wrong skills, or wrong choice of place? Anglers who have fished this species from the sunfish family can agree that location and timing are among the crucial considerations when planning for a good excursion. We make the …

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