Best Traveling Fishing Rod 2020 – Review & Buying Guide

Looking for the best traveling fishing rod in 2020? Look no further; we are here to help!

Quick Overview - Best Traveling Fishing Rods 2020

Buying Guide

If you are confused about buying the best travel fishing rod that suits your style and is not a burden on your pocket as well, then you don’t have to worry anymore. There are just a few factors that you must keep in mind while buying a travel fishing rod.


The best travel-friendly rod is easy to transport and carry while traveling. So, while investing in the gear, make sure that you consider this factor very seriously. Because heavy rods are difficult to carry, and they are hindrances if you have to travel across the city or country. Often, you will end up packing quite a lot and reducing weight in each item really adds up. Imagine bringing an inflatable tandem fishing kayak and having to carry an unwieldly rod at the same time...

Heavy and light rods both react differently towards the type of water you are fishing in. Heavier rods are best for rough water. Lighter rods are best suitable for freshwater fishing.


The rod should be light in weight, but that does not mean that it has to be inferior. Nowadays, modern models are using strong and durable materials for high-end manufacturing rods, but the rods are still travel-friendly, easy to transport, and easy to travel with.

Most of the travel rods are now being made from graphite, carbon fiber, or fiberglass. Among all four of these, graphite is more expensive, strong, and lightweight. On the other hand, fiberglass is more towards a heavier side, but it is difficult to break. In the end, it all depends on your style and budget.


The best travel-friendly rods are small in size. Generally, longer rods are made to catch fish from deep water. Mid-length travel rods are more pleasing as they are flexible, whether you are fishing at the banks or in the middle.


The action of a travel rod means the working power of the rod. The points where the rod bends while catching a fish. The point where the stress and pressure are being applied because the rods tend to bend at these points.

There are three types of action rods: fast action rod, medium action rod, and low action rod. The fast action rods tend to bend at the top part of the rod, whereas middle action bends at the top half. Low/slow action rods bend at the lower end of the rod.


The size of the travel fishing rod should be compact, light, and portable. The purpose of travel rods is to make fishing easy and functional. The rods, either telescopic or breakable, both are the right choices. The best trait of telescopic rods is that they can be retracted; they become travel-friendly and can be easily packed in a travel kit. The best travel rod can retract to a one-foot length, which is quite good. Breakable rods are kind of the rods that breaks into four to six pieces and are easy to travel in a compact case. They become travel-friendly as their weight gets distributed.


You are investing in some gear, so you wish to invest in one and the best one. The quality matters a lot as it predicts the life span of the rod. Because no one wants to invest their money in some cheap low-quality gear even if the person is just a beginner.

To measure the quality of the rod, it is best to look at the features like material or mechanism being used in manufacturing. And it is not very easy to compute the quality of the rod, but it is also not impossible. You just have to be more focused on the material they are using while making is it high-end or cheap.

Everyone has a right to invest their money in some good product that lasts longer. Moreover, the way you treat your gear is of a great deal here. Because if you treat your rod well by taking care of and by maintaining proper cleaning schedule, then no-doubt your rod lasts longer than you expected.


One of the most prominent factors we focused on no matter which product we are buying. You should not buy the rod that is way out of your budget. Try to find the one that suits your budget and fishing style and necessities.

Fishing Rod Components

It is important to get some knowledge about the basic components of a fishing rod. It helps in buying the rod so you can check each part of the rod by yourself, and also you will become familiar with all the components and their working. It is beneficial to start with basic knowledge.

Then you should move forwards towards type, length, and other factors step by step. All the components explained below are found in every rod; there may be minor changes according to the style.


The handle is the component starting from the lower part of the rod that helps you hold the rod. The handles generally are designed using the cork foam because these materials enhance the easement and a secured heavy-duty grip.

Longer handles are more helping if you are out in the water catching heavy fish so you can hold the rod with both of your hands. And if you are a beginner, the short handle will work wonder for you. Some anglers are utilizing the split grips for holding the rod. These kinds of handles are most popular among the anglers.

Reel Seat

The part on the rod where the reel is in your control, and you can glide the reel back into the collars and remove any kind of rocks or dirt from the reel by making the reel strong. While fishing, anglers should make sure that the setup they are using should be sturdy and durable from top to bottom. A good reel combination for many traveling rods is an ultralight spinning reel or a microspinning reel.

Shaft and Guide

The shafts are also known as the bank of the rod. Along with shaft, you have guides. Guides are the round-shaped ceramic, plastic, or metal pieces. They are linked to the rod's windings. Guides are being constructed for better control over the fishing line.

The guides' positions depend upon the style of the rod. Spinning-style rod has guides facing the ground. Casting-style rod has guides on the top side.


If the rod you have can be folded for easy transport, then it will have two ferrules: one male and another female. They are used for joining the breakable rod back into its rod shape. And make sure while joining the pieces back into shape that the guides line up properly.

Butt Cap of a Fishing Rod

The component is made of rubber or cork and is located at the bottom below the handle of the fishing rod.


The string is wrapped around the bottom of the guide. It is generally painted with some colored enamel for protecting it against water.

The Best Traveling Fishing Rod – Our Top Picks

Fishing is not just a hobby; it is more than that. It is an activity that you can do not only as a beginner but, taking it to the extreme, also make it your profession. It is best to kill time in a very productive way if you live near a stream, lake, or river.

But if you don’t live near one, it is nothing to get worked up about because now you can travel with your fishing equipment very easily. Fishing is nowadays very convenient because of the manufacturing of traveling fishing rods. It is a must-have gear in the kit of an angler. You never know when while traveling, you get a chance of fishing. So, it is better to invest money in a good travel-friendly fishing rod than regretting a trip for not having one. 

We know that it’s very hard to find a good travel-friendly fishing rod and trust in some brands. But we promise you that getting your hands on these travel-friendly fishing rods is the best addition you could ever make in your fishing kit!

Patagonia Travel Bag with Fishing Equipment

The Best All Around Traveling Fishing Rod

Best All Around Traveling Fishing Rod



  • Durable guides
  • Stainless steel reel seats
  • The frame is made out of graphite
  • Portable 
  • Right and left-handed retrieve 
  • The fishing reel has a single ball-bearing drive 
  • Might lack in catching a very large or saltwater fish

The first on the list is Okuma Voyager Spinning; it is one of the travel fishing rods that give angler true joy of fishing. It has an anti-corrosion graphite frame, and graphite gives light and high-end finish to the product. This rod features a dynamic ball-bearing drive system, gear made of brass and aluminum spool.

The length of this rod is ideal for traveling that is 6-feet. It comes under the category of breakable travel fishing rods. It can be detached into five pieces that helps it to store in a safe carrying case. This feature makes it travel-friendly and easy to store. The handle of this rod is equipped with comfortable cork grips and durable guide inserts.

The whole fishing kit is covered in a very well-furnished, padded, and travel-friendly case. The compact storage case has a zipper closure and handles that make it portable. The case is travel-friendly but, at the same time, has ample space to fit all the components of the rod very easily. This makes the case look very tidy and easy to locate all the components. 

Okuma not only promises to deliver you the best fishing gears. They also encourage you to focus on the passion and hard work required to be the best angler. The efficient, spacious, and organized kit helps to boost the spirit for fishing. With all these features of rod and travel kit that Okuma Voyager Spinning kit offers to make it the best competitor for other travel fishing rods. 

Features and Specs

  • 6-feet long rod
  • 17 x 9 x 3-inch travel case size
  • Detachable into five parts
  • Spinning reel: size 20
  • Ball-bearing drive system
  • Anodized aluminum spool
  • Line capacity 100/6

The Best Value Traveling Fishing Rod

Best Value Traveling Fishing Rod



  • Available in 3 different colors
  • Catches heavy fish
  • Comes in saltwater and freshwater version
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Affordable and durable
  • New models are not as tough and heavy-duty as old ones

It is a rod-and-reel combo kit that comes in three different colors black, white, and red. The rod is ideal, having a length of 7-feet and is detachable into two pieces. The telescopic rod has medium to heavy rod action and is a great choice for a cheap traveling fishing rod that does not leave much to be desired!

Another interesting factor is its stainless-steel guides equipped by ceramic inserts. The handles are covered with EVA grips that are not just comfy but have a long life span as well. The Ugly Stick Spinning reel is made out of graphite and is a good option for saltwater fishing. Reel size is 50 that makes the rod a good pick for nearshore boat fishing.

This reel is great for catching various species, including snapper, barramundi, morwong, and cod. The reel with a ball-bearing system comes with a pre-spooled weighing 14 lbs. The rod has a single capacity line. 

The ugly stick spinning fishing kit is most popular for its tremendous performance in catching heavy fish. It is ready to use out-of-the-box kinds of kit, no complex structure, and easy to assemble. This kit offers the best freshwater version as well.

Features and Specs

  • Rod length: 7-feet
  • Rod is breakable into two pieces
  • Guides are made of stainless steel
  • Ball-bearing reel: size 50
  • Stainless-steel guides and ceramic inserts
  • EVA comfy grips

The Best Lightweight Traveling Fishing Rod

Best Lightweight Traveling Fishing Rod



  • Affordable 
  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Sturdy and tough
  • Both freshwater and saltwater fishing
  • Both suits boat fishing and sea fishing
  • Right and left hand interchangeable
  • Crank is weak a little bit
  • Not the best pick for catching large fish

In case you are looking for a travel fishing rod that is tough and durable, then you are in the right place. This gear gives you the best option for fishing. This combo kit helps you the most in your fishing, and resultantly you get most out of your fishing trip.

It comes with rod and reel combo and a storage case. The case has made transportation of rods very easy nowadays. The rod is made out of heavy-duty and durable carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass. This combination of materials makes your travel-friendly rod sturdy and long-lasting. Which means you do not need a new one anytime soon.

The reel is made up of corrosion-free and stainless steel. The handle, on the other hand, is equipped with EVA grips. You can hold onto your rod as long as you want to without be getting tired. It is easy to carry if you are going on a long trip because it is breakable. It breaks into six or nine sections, and all components are easily stored in the storage box.

The level of action is smooth, and control over the line is strong. The best feature of this rod is easy to transport, durable, and has quite sensitive control. It also comes with an anti-reverse system that makes it prominent among other travel fishing rods.

Features and Specs

  • Stainless steel design 
  • Detachable rod
  • Drive gear to improve casting speed
  • Size range: 5-10-feet
  • Anti-reverse system
  • Aluminum finish rod
  • EVA comfortable grip
Family at ocean, fishing with one of the best traveling fishing rods

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The major difference is just so simple the regular fishing rod is designed for fishing but not with the travel mindset. Travel fishing rod is made travel-friendly by being compact, portable, and lightweight. Travel rods have a breakable design that can break into three to four parts. So, travel rods are easy to carry and transport in your fishing backpack. Another option to consider to take on your travels is a telescopic fishing rod.

Yes, usually, travel fishing rods are allowed on airplanes. The condition is that they should be packed properly in their carry cases. Before air travel, just make sure to confirm that your rod meets the size limitations.