Taking Kids Fishing – 9 Common Mistakes Adults Make

Taking Kids Fishing: Illustration of father and son sitting in a boat fishing in a lake

Adult anglers are always eager to see their offspring enjoy the thrill of catching that first fish. But while the intentions might be good, parents sometimes go about it the wrong way and alienate a promising lifelong fishing partner. Here are the top 9 mistakes adults make taking kids fishing and what to avoid: 1. …

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Fly Fishing Tips for Beginners – Start Now!

Man fly fishing in a river

Fly fishing is a fun activity and an amazing sport enjoyed by anglers across the world. The best part is that it helps you get close to nature so that you can appreciate the beauty and serenity and catch some great fish such as walleye, crappie, and perch. For beginners, fly fishing may seem overwhelming as …

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Types of Fishing Rods and Reels

Six types of fishing rods at ocean with different types of fishing reels attached to them

For many decades the wooden fishing pole was used for catching fish. However, today we have more advanced options available in graphite, fiber glass, and carbon fiber. Rods and reels are valuable components of a fishing tackle and require careful consideration before making a purchase. Having the right kind of rod and reel ensures that …

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