Why do Trout Jump out of the Water? – 11 Reasons

Why do trout jump out of the water? A trout jumping

One of the most common questions asked by anglers is why do trout jump out of the water? Trout are anadromous fish, which means they migrate from saltwater to freshwater rivers. This migration often includes swimming upstream and jumping out of the water in order to catch insects that fly over them. However, there are …

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Fly Fishing for Crappie – Guide, Tips & Tricks

A fisherman fly fishing for crappie in the evening sun on the Blackwater of Dee, Galloway, Scotland

Are you finding it hard to hook crappie on your fly fishing combo? Could it be incorrect timing, wrong skills, or wrong choice of place? Anglers who have fished this species from the sunfish family can agree that location and timing are among the crucial considerations when planning for a good excursion. We make the …

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Top 13 Best Fly Fishing YouTube Channels

one of the top 10 best fly fishing youtube channels showcasing fly fishing from a tree trunk

Our love for water sports and life has driven us to binge on good fly fishing videos. However, there is a big stumbling block. It isn’t the cable guys, but the unavailability of a comprehensive list of the best creators to watch, learn from, and get entertained. We have made the burden lighter by combing …

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How to Catch Fluke Tips, Tricks & Techniques

a fluke lying on a table having been caught after reading how to catch fluke

Trying to figure out the best way how to catch fluke can be a long, frustrating process of trial and mostly error. Anyone who has targeted these flat bodied fish are likely familiar with two things: anxiously waiting and the gut-wrenching feeling of sensing a fish on the other end only to lose it as …

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What is Sport Fishing – Overview & 8 Reasons to Pick it Up

A sport fishing boat running in Atlantic Ocean. But what is sport fishing?

What is Sport Fishing? Sport fishing refers to angling for competitive or recreational purposes. Simply put, it is fishing you do for fun rather than for survival or food. It includes both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Sport Fishing for Beginners Sportfishing varies significantly in the location, equipment used, and desired fish species. Some situations allow …

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All About Ice Fishing in Maine – 8 Lakes plus Tips & Tricks

ice fishing in maine on frozen river

Did you know that the best ice fishing is experienced when it is most foul outside? Maybe you should know. Instead of turning into a couch potato, you could have time with Mother Nature’s offerings. Ice fishing in Maine has grown rapidly and now that winter is here, Ice fishermen and women are bracing themselves …

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Is Fishing in the Rain Good? 9 Tips to Make it Even Better!

A cat fishing in the rain wondering about the fish who has an umbrella. is fishing in the rain good?

Is fishing your favorite pastime? For many people reeling in a 20-pound striper or seeing a beautiful salmon swimming by is enough to get excited. Avid anglers don’t need any convincing when it comes to a fishing excursion. A critical factor to consider before going fishing is the weather forecast. Some people look for the …

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How to Catch Largemouth Bass – 15 Techniques, Tips & Tricks

Man holding a largemouth bass by the mouth after catching it having read how to catch largemouth bass

If you were wondering how to catch largemouth bass, we have assembled some great techniques, tips & tricks that can be your map to success. The more time you invest into the great hobby of bass fishing, the more know-how concerning the appropriate lures and techniques you will obtain. The best advice a lot of …

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How Should You Pass a Fishing Boat? – 5 Simple Steps

Approaching and thinking about how should you pass a fishing boat

Navigational rules for boating can be difficult to remember, especially if you are going out on the water for fun, rather than as a job. Nevertheless, they are necessary and must at all times be followed to ensure safety not only for yourself, but others. Passing a fishing boat can seem daunting to many boating …

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Which Plastic Worms are Best for Fishing? – Top 4 Compared

Three pink plastic worms

Plastic worms come in four different models: straight tail worms, paddle tail or beaver tail worms, ripple tail worms, and sinking worms. There is a plastic worm for virtually every fishing situation. So, which plastic worms are best for fishing and will catch the most fish? Straight Tail Worms Straight tail worms were the first …

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