Best Ice Fishing Gloves 2020 – Review & Buying Guide

Fishing on ice comes with the added risk of contracting hypothermia. To be on the safe side, you have to put on a specially designed and dedicated pair of gloves. They are designed to trap warmth while at the same time keeping off cold and also giving your hands the grip and comfort needed to fish well.

Quick Overview - Best Ice Fishing Gloves 2020

Criteria for Evaluation

In order to lay your hands on the most suitable pair of gloves, you have to consider a couple of factors. We dedicate the following segment of our discussions to look into them:

Material & Features

The minds of materials and features that constitute the structural makeup of the pairs of gloves come in first. A good pair has to be super strong and agile. At the same time, it has to be highly breathable to allow for the smooth exchange of gases. All these are necessary to maintain you in a state of complete comfort.

Comfort & Suitability for Ice Fishing

Needless to say, they also have to be very comfortable to utilize. The comforts are largely brought about by the kinds of materials that are employed. It is also determined by the grip and the softness of the materials. You should not overlook this more so when planning to fish for too long.

Cost & Value

When all is said and done, whether or not you can acquire a pair of gloves is largely dependent on the costs and other associated metrics. A good pair need not necessarily cost a lot. To be able to arrive at a manageable cost, you have to compare the prices of many dealers first and foremost.

The Best Ice Fishing Gloves – Our Top Picks

a pair of the best ice fishing gloves on sticks in snow

The Best All Around Ice Fishing Gloves

Best All Around Ice Fishing Gloves



  • Resists all forms of water damage
  • Offers great support even on the longest fishing trips
  • Stretches to accommodate any expansions
  • Durability
  • Fits and snugs anatomically to your hands
  • Comes at a premium cost
  • Quite weighty

This by far is The Best Overall Ice Fishing Gloves, all factors considered. That is because it ranks well against the main metrics that gauge and subsequently vouch for reliability. Among these are excellent breathability, zero likelihood of sweating and foul odor, and exceptional grip.

Outstanding Features and Benefits


Overall, this gear is very durable indeed. That is evidenced by its ability to endure the toughest fishing conditions. This, in turn, is made possible by the use of very strong parts and components to make the entire structure up. Expect it to endure many of those conditions that others falter in.

Superior Grip

Complementing the durable nature is the superior grip it accords any user. The structure is comfortable to handle as it hardly ever inflicts the menace of bruises, frictions, and other issues that are repugnant to the hands. All these add to the utmost comfort while out in the fishing ground.

Kevlar Reinforcements

Its fingertips are reinforced using heat-resistant Kevlar fabric. This one plays the role of adding extra comfort and warmth to the tips. It also shields the fingers from ever breaking, fracturing or sustaining serious injuries in the course of use.

The Best Value Ice Fishing Gloves

Best Value Ice Fishing Gloves



  • Available in a popular all-purpose design
  • 100% waterproof
  • Seamless palm design makes for smoothness
  • Blind stitched and glued for added strength
  • Sharkskin textured to allow for added grip
  • Demands tender care and maintenance
  • Lacks reinforcements at the fingertips
  • Does not stretch a lot

Want to accrue the highest returns on your investments? Pick and use this pair of gloves as it is the best ice fishing gloves for the money. Indeed, it does have the distinctive capability of bringing about many added benefits at a time. Our mini-review here below endeavors to shed more light on what it has to offer, because despite being cheap ice fishing gloves, they are nothing to laugh at!

Outstanding Features and Benefits

2MM Neoprene Construction

At its core is the waterproof 2MM neoprene construction. This gives it the strength and the vitality it requires to expedite the fishing process in the cold. On the basis of the existence of this material, the pair of gloves is unlikely to allow water to trickle through to your hands.

Fleece Lining

Inside the pair is a fleece lining. This one exists primarily to add some warmth and comfort. The material is also highly breathable. With regard to this, it allows for the smooth inflow and exchange of air to maintain your hands in a state of absolute warmth and comfort.

Appropriately Textured

As part of its makeup, the pair is appropriately textured. The purpose of this texture is to improve gripping power. This trait comes in particularly handy when it is sweaty. That is because it absorbs all wetness to keep your hands in a state of dryness.

The Best Ice Fishing Gloves for Extreme Cold

Best Ice Fishing Gloves for Extreme Cold



  • Durable polytex shell
  • Wicks away excess sweat for your added comfort
  • Waterproof insert prevents the infiltration of moisture
  • Reinforced polyurethane (PU) palm adds strength and vitality
  • Able to deal with severe cold
  • Heavier than your average pair of gloves
  • Prolonged use may lead to fatigue and slows movement

All ice fishing gloves are designed to expedite fishing in the cold. However, some circumstances are too cold to use your ordinary pair of gloves. For these, you need the best gloves for extreme cold like this one. It is by far the heaviest and the warmest of all the pairs in our review.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

High Dexterity

Though thick and warm, this pair manages an extremely high dexterity indeed. That is because the materials that are used are exceedingly agile to allow for high responsiveness when engaged with the hands. As such, it is less likely to interfere with your own experience and use.

Fleece and Knit

As part of its structural makeup, the fleece and knit technology are used extensively. Fleece provides warmth and softness while the knit binds the constituent parts and components firmly together. This combination thus provides the warmth and reliability that is needed for long-term fishing.

Nitrile Grip

Lastly comes the Nitrile Grip. Thanks to this vital trait, the pair improves the traction it enjoys when in contact with the fabrics that constitute the gloves. The mix of this gives rise to unparalleled comfort.

The Best Ice Fishing Gloves for Year-Round Fishing

Best Ice Fishing Gloves for Year-Round Fishing



  • Bears breathable Nylon makeup
  • Rugged enough to stand tall to the harsh elements
  • Resists infiltration of water
  • Stands tall to the effects of wind damages
  • Treated for added safety from germs
  • Not the most agile

Do you pursue fishing as a career? Even if not, you might want a pair of gloves you can rely on year-round. Try your hand on the best ice fishing gloves for all-round fishing such as this one. As its designation implies, it does have the ability to facilitate your fishing whether it is hot or cold.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Rugged 660 Denier Taslan Nylon

The rugged 660 Denier Taslan Nylon is extensively used to make the fabric component of the pair of gloves. It is generally warmer and better placed to provide the warmth that the hands require when it is too cold. Being rugged, it is able to provide the structural support that rigorous fishing demands.

SnoShell™ Technology

Next comes the SnoShell™ Technology. This one is wholesome in the sense that it brings on board all the vital traits and components that the ideal pair of gloves has to exemplify. Excellent breathability, windproof, and waterproofness are top examples of these. Expect hence to enjoy your fishing to the maximum.

DuPont™ Treatment

Its outer layer is treated with DuPont. The purpose of this coating is to add protection to the exterior of the pair of gloves. This, in turn, bolsters the ability of the pair to stand tall to the agents of germs and other harmful substances that are likely to harm you along the way.

The Best Ice Fishing Gloves for Preventing Frostbite

Best Ice Fishing Gloves for Preventing Frostbite



  • Repels all liquids from entering
  • Useful in other commercial ventures
  • Reinforced at the fingertips for added strength
  • Remains soft and flexible under all temperature conditions
  • Adequately protected from germs and other contaminants
  • Too thick to allow for smooth and easy finger movements
  • Tends to overheat

Are you prone to the risks of frostbite? Well, we have some good news for you. All you have to do is place your bet on thebest ice fishing gloves for frostbites, where this pair stands out. It contains everything necessary to guard against this menace.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Acrylic Terry Liner

Its interior bears acrylic Terry liner that insulates and warms the interior in equal measure. This way, it guards against the emergence of frostbite. With this vital trait, you also get to enjoy a sense of peace of mind that other alternatives are incapable of providing.


The fabrics that are used to make it up are repellent to water. They do not allow any liquids to penetrate through to your bare hands. At the same time, they provide the grip you need whether it is wet or dry.

Soft Coating

Throughout the exterior of the pair is a soft coating that retains the softness year-round. As a matter of fact, it can retain its softness when temperatures dip as low as -58°F. Thus, irrespective of the harsh external weather conditions, you can be sure to enjoy your time out fishing.

man pouring coffee in a mug while sitting in the snow wearing ice fishing gloves

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These gloves do protect against the risks of hypothermia, frostbites, and other cold-related disorders. With special gloves for ice fishing, you can be sure to easily be able to handle your ice fishing rod or drill holes with an ice auger. Moreover, some authorities even mandate that those who fish in the cold put them on.

There are two basic kinds of gloves. These are the waterproof and the water-resistant respectively. The former resists all forms of infiltration of water whereas the latter blocks the same from damaging the delicate fabrics that constitute the pair altogether.

They do so for the same reason as others. That is to protect the delicate hands and fingers from sustaining any damages, frostbites or cold-related problems that arise in the course of staying out in the cold.

Not really! Modern pairs of gloves are specially structured and reinforced to ward off any such likelihood. As such, there is absolutely no course for alarm. All you have to do is select ones which are strong enough.

Anytime you plan to go out fishing in the cold, you should think about putting a pair on. You cannot gamble at all with your own health and safety. Make sure you maintain them throughout your fishing expedition. Of course, if the weather permits or you got a nice hot drink or something, you can consider not wearing them for some time though.

Get some quality ice fishing socks and ice fishing boots for your feet, thermal underwear and a good jacket or bib for your body and a hat to keep your head warm! Finally, an ice fishing shelter will protect you nicely from the elements.